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I just love vidja gaems.
I get hungry at awful hours of the night

I get hungry at awful hours of the night


I’m trying to prove a point to my friend who is his biggest fan and defends him constantly through all the shit he does, because "you can’t hate Nash".


Art Inspirations: The Art of Final Fantasy VI by Yoshitaka Amano


when your farts smell like his cum the next morning (◕‿◕✿)

These wedding gown blogs are following me out of nowhere. Granted, I think they’re either bots or run by the same person. 


What are you doing?


More Gifs, this time with pokemon… I know I should be excited with the R/S remakes, but my love for Johto is vast and endless


People still wanna make “black people cant swim” jokes but never wanna acknowledge that CJ was the first GTA character that didnt die after falling into a body of water

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